This class will teach you how to make a quilt in less than a day. Choose a favorite fabric to highlight in the center or choose one you just don’t want to cut up. You will be quilting as you add each border on. This method is great for kids quilts, for charity quilts or if you just need a quilt in a hurry.

Cost: $ 32.00
Creating the “Sampler Quilt” from Alex Anderson’s “Start Quilting” book will teach you how to make seven different blocks. The basics for quilt making taught in this class will be lessons learned that you can use in all of your future quilt projects.

Cost: $ 60.00
Learn freezer paper applique as you create this floral butterfly block which can be used as a pillow or wall hanging. In this class you will learn to make invisible applique stitches using a method not taught in any book that we have ever seen! Sharp points, inside corners, small circles and narrow bias will all be covered.

Cost: $ 24.00
Whether you are a beginning quilter or already a rocking motion quilter, this is a great stitch to know. Stab stitch makes it easy to get through many layers with small stitches. Even if you’ve never quilted before, you can learn this technique in just one hour.

Cost: $ 8.00
The magic begins when you learn patterns beyond the basic stipple. We will explore a variety of meandering patterns that will become as easy for you to do as your stippling is now. We will cover thread selection, scale, density and working across the quilt. Come prepared to practice designs with a white board, markers and eraser.

Cost: $ 24.00
Mindy will demonstrate basic quilting techniques and share machine quilting tips for the beginning machine quilter. This class will include the use of various quilting tools, how to properly adjust tension, machine maintenance and many other aspects of longarm machine quilting.

Cost: $ 30.00
Do you have a quilting machine with the capability of doing pantographs, but you’ve just never quite figured out how to make it work? If this is your situation, this is the class for you. Mindy will answer all your questions as she explains and demonstrates the process of pantograph quilting. She will begin by teaching you how to adjust the pantograph and laser light. Then she will teach you when and how to roll the quilt to keep your pattern lined up perfectly from row to row. Mindy will also teach you various aspects of pantograph embellishment.

Cost: $ 30.00
Linda is a spectacular machine quilter who will show you how to quilt on your own sewing machine. She will teach you a variety of background quilting patterns, border designs, feathers, etc. She will take you through the steps required to get comfortable with your machine and confident in your quilting skills. You need to see Linda's sample close up to believe it is possible to achieve the results she does on her home sewing machine.

Cost: $ 24.00
Have you done some machine quilting and are ready to move on to more complex patterns? If you are an intermediate or experienced beginner, this class is for you. Learn background quilting patterns, how to quilt feathers, and more. You need to see Linda’s sample close up to believe it is possible to achieve these results on your home sewing machine.

Cost: $ 24.00

The special templates for cutting make this quilt a lot easier than it appears. This makes an interesting and different shaped wall hanging but would also be great displayed on a round table. The binding odd angles class is suggested to help you with the binding for this quilt.

Cost: $ 48.00
One fabric is all you have to decide on to make the whole center of this quilt. Then you'll stack it, whack it and rearrange it. You will be the designer in determining how to lay out these quilt blocks to get the dramatic visual effect you want to achieve.

Cost: $ 32.00
Nothing will keep you warmer on a cold winter day than a soft and cozy flannel rag quilt. If you have never made a quilt before or have never worked with flannel, this is probably a really great choice for you. The best thing about a rag quilt is that you quilt each block as you go, so you can finish the quilt yourself, from beginning to end. We want to give you fair warning; everyone in your house will be fighting over who gets to use the rag quilt. You may want to plan to make more than one right from the start.

Cost: $ 20.00
You will start your quilt by strip piecing a beautiful strata of blended fabrics. Using only three pattern pieces you will cut out your entire quilt project from this one piece of fabric which you have created. You will be the designer in laying out the blocks to achieve the design you want. This method of constructing a quilt creates a stunning piece of artwork, allowing your creativity to shine.

Cost: $ 20.00
Do you or a loved one have a stack of T-shirts you just can’t part with? This is a great way to preserve them and use them as well. T-shirt quilts are great for graduation presents or to take to the college dorm. Linda will show you step by step how to create your one of a kind T-shirt treasure.

Cost: $ 40.00

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